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*It is possible to submit more than one application, but please make sure that there is one registration for each work to be submitted.

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Copyright of the work remains with the applicant.
*In proceeding with commercialization of product, handling of the right will be discussed individually with the maker.



Entries must be original to the applicant, and unpublished domestically and abroad. Also, they must not have been commercialized or planned to be commercialized.


Submitted entries will not be returned.


Entries should not be submitted simultaneously to any other prize competitions.


If there is a possibility that any entries that may infringe a third party’s right, including copyright, portrait right, trademark, and design right, the applicant should communicate the fact at the time of submission after obtaining necessary permission on his/her own responsibility.


In the case of a lawsuit filed by a third party or any other dispute arising over an entry, it should be dealt with by the applicant at the expense and on the responsibility of himself/herself. Please agree that the applicant shall indemnify and hold the organizer harmless from all loss, damages and expenses including reasonable legal expenses, and prevent damages from occurring.


In the case where a submitted entry is the same or remarkably similar with an already published design, or where it infringes a third party’s intellectual property right (including the case where such infringement occurs after application), the awarded prize may be revoked at the organizer’s discretion even after the award result is announced.


When it is revealed that there was an act which encourages antisocial forces, the involved applicant will be ineligible for the review. Even when it is revealed after the award is announced, the award will be provoked without notification. The applicant will not be indemnified from any damage which may result from this event.


In the case where matters other than those set forth in the application guidelines need to be arranged, they will be determined by the organizer’s judgment. The applicant may withdraw the submission if he/she cannot agree with the decision. The organizer will not bear any cost involved in the application.


Although the organizer will take considerable care in management and transport of the submitted entries after receiving, the organizer will not bear responsibility for any breakage and loss caused by natural hazard and other unexpected accidents.


In the case where a prize winner is underage, parental consent needs to be confirmed in writing separately. The prize may be revoked if the parental consent has not been obtained.


Applicants may not make an objection to the result of review. The organizer is not obliged to disclose the reason for the result.


The organizer may publish the prize-winning works at an exhibition, the website and other media issued by the organizer. The organizer will provide the mass media with the information about the given prizes through a press release etc.


The prize money will be paid after deducting the taxes such as withholding income tax and special income tax for reconstruction.


The time schedule related to this competition may be changed at the organizer’s convenience.


Handling of Personal Information
The information of the prize winners such as name, age and background will be announced at printed materials, the website and the mass media.

Applicants’ personal information will be used by Hida Woodworking Federation as the organizer of the competition, and JDN Inc. as its cooperative company, with the sole purpose of operational communication, mailing of materials, communication to prize winners and delivery of extra prizes, and statistical work.

Personal information of prize winners may be disclosed to the organizer and its associated companies for the purpose of the operation of the competition, as necessary.


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